General points

The fascicules will be organized according to the large groups (or categories) of primary materials to allow the inclusion of techniques relating to extraction or cultivation. The order proposed here is not necessarily the order of publication.

  • Organic Materials
    • Agriculture, arboriculture, livestock farming, fishing (techniques and tools)
    • Food techniques (transformation and conservation)
    • Textile technology
    • Leather-working
    • Wood-working and bone-working
  •  Mineral Materials
    • Ceramic production
    • Stone (extraction and exploitation)
    • Production and working of metal (extraction, refinement and metallurgy)
    • Glass
    • Precious stones
  • Composites
    • Construction technology
    • Naval construction technology
  • Syntheses
    • Tools
    • Machines
    • Energy
    • Technical acts

Provisional schedule for publication

The preparation and the redaction of five fascicules (ceramics, food, textiles, glass, metals) will commence from autumn 2017 onwards.  The editorial boards will meet to prepare the plan of each of the volumes. The first fascicules will appear in printed form in the course of 2021.


Each volume of the dictionary will be produced in French and English. The translations of the terminology will, in the printed version, also be given in German, Spanish and Italian. A multilingual index will make it possible to find back the different entries in the dictionary.
The online version will initially start from these languages, but it will be possible to add other languages, such as Greek and Arabic (see here), at a later point.

Dictionnaire des techniques dans l'Antiquité | Dictionary of Techniques in Antiquity

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